Stars in My Garden Tutorial

Well, here is the third tutorial for the 3 mini quilts.  This one truly speaks to me because I love a flower garden, especially with dainty flowers; and I love gazing at the stars on a clear night.  It was with much enthusiasm that I tackled this mini quilt.

DSCF6531 (2)

Again, I write with the experienced English paper piece sewist in mind.  So if you are a beginner or feel your skills in applique are a bit rusty, please tune into YouTube and one of the many videos that go over these basic skills.  Sue Daley does a wonderful job with the English Paper Piecing as I feel she is the expert.  It is her tools and processes that I use in my pursuit of slow stitching with EPP.


Center star:  1 fat quarter/more if you are fussy cutting the diamond shapes

Small flowers:  miscellaneous scraps – approx. 1 fat eighth for each

Flower centers:  miscellaneous scraps – the center can be fussy cut

Background, backing, binding:  1 yard of fabric ( I used a light cream)

Batting:  an 18inch square.

ENGLISH PAPER PIECES and acrylic templates for each shape (I used Sue Daley Designs)

8        2″ pointed star papers and acrylic template

48      5/8 inch hexagon flower petals and acrylic template

8        5/8 inch hexagons for centers and acrylic template

TOOLS AND NOTIONS – refer to my posting on the Dresden Cameo


Star:  cut fabric shapes using the acrylic template.  Glue baste the paper shapes to the fabric.  Whip stitch 4 of the diamond shapes together to form a half of the star.  Repeat for the second half.  Whip stitch the two halves together along the long edge to form the star.  Set aside.

DSCF6531 (2)

Flowers:  cut fabric shapes using the acrylic template.  Glue baste the paper shapes to the fabric.  Whip stitch the flower petals to the hexagon center.  Then whip stitch the sides of the petals to complete flowers.  You will need 8 flowers.

DSCF6531 (2)

Press all your completed shapes with a dry warm iron to set the seams.

Remove the papers, carefully.  Press again to make sure the seams are set and flat.

Background:  cut a 18 inch x 18 inch square from the cream fabric.  Fold the square in half lengthwise and the widthwise to create the centering lines.  Lay the creased background on a flat surface.

Center the Star piece in he center of the background. Glue baste the Star with applique glue.

Arrange flowers around the star in a circle pattern (see picture above).  I arranged them to be approximately 1-1/2″ away from the inside seam of the star shape.  Glue baste in place.

Applique all pieces to the background.  Press your completed piece.

Layer your completed top, batting and backing.  Quilt as desired.   Square up your quilt to approximately 16″ square and bind as desired.

Your piece is complete!!

Until next time…..happy quilting, happy EPP!



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