Dresden Cameo Mini Quilt

The Dresden Cameo Mini Quilt, along with 3 other mini quilts were only intended to be a way to show English Paper Piecing enthusiasts how they could use the Charming fabric collection.  I typically grab a pattern from Sue Daley’s wonderful selection of designs and EPP away.  In fact, I referred to her designs as I was playing with this wonderfully gorgeous fabric.  I encourage you to use creative license with any of these mini quilts to create your own special piece of art!!

I am not a pattern writer — so bear with me as I walk you through how I made these mini quilts.  Really, I was just playing around with paper shapes and the fabrics and Viola’ — I had some pretty cool mini quilts.

Before we get started on how I put this mini quilt together, we need to review the tools I used:

  1. Sewline glue pen
  2. mini clips
  3. 60wt polyester thread
  4. rotating cutting mat
  5. 28mm rotary cutter
  6. milliner needle – size 10 or 11
  7. applique glue
  8. 2 panel mirror for fussy cutting

Most importantly, you need the paper shapes and acrylic templates for your particular design.  In this case, I used the following (I prefer paper shapes and templates by Sue Daley Designs over other brands):

  • 2″ pointed Dresden shapes and template     12 papers are required
  • 1-1/2 inch circle shape and template             1 paper shape is required
  • Rounded thimble shape and template          16 shapes are required

A basic knowledge of English Paper Piecing techniques is a must.  There are videos on YouTube that are excellent, especially Sue Daley’s series on English Paper Piecing.  She also has a wonderful video on fussy cutting fabrics to create a continuous design or special effect in your quilt/quilt pieces.  PLEASE view her video — you will need it for the rounded thimble frame.

Let’s take a look at the Dresden Cameo quilt:


This is my favorite — it reminds me of a cameo brooch — thus, the name.

As far as fabric, I used the following:

  • Dresden shape:  1 fat quarter, each, of two fabrics — I used 2 fabrics, alternating the colored blades.
  • Dresden center:  2″ x 2″ piece of fabric
  • Frame around the Dresden:  1/4 yard to allow for enough repeats to “fussy cut” each rounded thimble shape.
  • Tan fabric background behind Dresden plate:  10″ square of fabric
  • Cream fabric for the outer background, your quilt backing and binding:   1 yard

So, let’s begin — Dresdan Plate

  1. Cut 12 blades for the Dresden plate – 6 blades in one color; 6 blades in color 2.
  2. Glue baste the paper shapes to the fabric.
  3. whip stitch the blades together to form the plate — see picture above.
  4. Press with a dry iron.
  5. Leave the papers in at this time.
  6. Create the center circle for the plate by glue basting the circle shape to the fabric.
  7. Press the circle. Remove the paper carefully.  Press the circle shape again.
  8. With the applique glue, glue baste the circle to the center of the Dresden plate.
  9. Applique the circle to the plate, stitching only through the fabric of the plate, not the papers.
  10. remove the papers of the plate.
  11. Press and set aside.

For the Rounded Thimble frame around the plate –

  1. Cut the rounded thimble shapes from fabric, using the acrylic template.  I fussy cut the shapes — see Sue Daley’s YouTube video on fussy cutting.
  2. Glue baste the papers to the fabric.
  3. Whip stitch the rounded thimble shapes together to form the outer frame (see picture above).  Press.
  4. Leave the papers in for now.

Tan background piece behind the plate –

  • Cut the 10 inch square of fabric into a circle shape that will fit under the rounded thimble frame, allowing for a 1/4inch seam under the inner rim of the frame.  On a flat surface, lay the rounded thimble frame piece on top of the circle.  Glue baste the frame to the circle using applique glue.  Applique the inside edge of the frame to the circle.  PRESS with a dry iron.
  • Lay the Dresden plate on the frame piece, centering it inside the frame.  Glue baste in place.  Applique.  Remove papers from the rounded thimble shapes.  PRESS with dry iron.

Background – cream fabric:

  • Cut an 18 inch x 18 inch piece of fabric.  Fold in half lengthwise, then fold in half widthwise to create creased centering lines.
  • Lay the framed Dresden piece on the background and center using the crease lines as a guide.
  • Glue baste.  Applique.  PRESS with dry iron.

Finishing up the Quilt –

  • Backing – cut a square, 18 inch x 18 inch, from the cream fabric
  • Batting – cut a square, 18 inch x 18 inch, from the batting.
  • Layer the quilt top, batting, backing.
  • Quilt as desired.  I love to microquilt and these mini babies were perfect for my free motion quilting passion!!!
  • Square up the quilt to 16″ x 16″.
  • Binding:  cut 3 strips from the cream fabric – 2-1/4inches by width of fabric. Bind your quilt.

That’s how I made the Dresden Cameo Mini Quilt.   Pretty cool!  Gerri had them framed — they look even cooler this way — you can display them any way you like.  I think they would be perfect as pillow fronts — toss them on your couch or bed with a couple solid pillows that coordinate with the fabrics you use in your mini quilt.

Next time we’ll tackle the China Plate design.  Until then….

Happy quilting……….Trish Seppell


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